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Jono is a member of the Upper Sixth and is a dedicated resident of the Back Table of the LCR. Although usually quiet, he is fairly opinionated and loves to rant about injustices and general worldly sillyness if anybody sets him off. He is generally found stretched out across several chairs or asleep on the desks, as he lives in a perpetual state of sleep deprivation for reasons outlined below. At other times he can be found helping others with homework (typically maths), or doing his own after a lack of motivation the previous evening due to tiredness.

School Work

Starting in lower sixth, Jono decided to take up Computing, Geography, Maths, Chemistry and Physics. While this may sound like a rather stupid thing to do - which it is - Jono failed to learn his lesson and decided to keep all of them through to A2. This was another stupid thing to do. Despite the amount of work he has to do, he has a half-regret for not continuing Critical Thinking through to A2. This is not so much for the usefulness of the subject, but more due to his obsessive-compulsive tendencies niggling at him that he only has half an A level rather than a full set of whole ones.

Despite these "momentary" lapses of judgement, Jonathan has excelled in all his subjects, as can be seen from the results of his Geography papers at AS level. In his first exam in this subject, he failed to answer all the questions on the paper - yet still managed to claim full UMS marks. This was followed in the summer exams by another 100% paper, this time GGB3, which was backed up by an 86% result in the physical paper. Although Jono feels this result is poor, it should be noted that this paper was answered so badly that the majority of pupils in Dr Edwards' set scored 30% lower than would have been expected. This trend has continued into A2, with another full marks, this time on GGB6 (coursework). Of course, this has spawned a new bout of OCD: although accepting his achievement for what it is, the one odd result irritates him greatly. This tends to annoy certain people ever so slightly.

Surprisingly, Geography was not his best AS result; he obtained a higher score in both Chemistry and Computing. His Maths and Physics results were not far behind, and he ended up with an average of 90% or greater in each of his "real" AS subjects, earning him the title of You Utter Bastard.


Since he tends to be one of the quietest members of the back table, it comes as a shock to many to find that he does, in fact, follow the typical back-table trend of having a liking of metal: from cheesy classic 80s heavy metal to death, to operatic symphonic, the chances are he'll listen to it. Particular favourites include:

  • Manowar
  • Opeth
  • Nightwish
  • Opeth
  • In Flames
  • Disturbed
  • Rammstein
  • Arch Enemy
  • Dream Evil
  • Opeth

His liking for such bands, and his lack of knowledge of anything remotely mainstream has often led to accusations of a "blinkered" taste in music. He takes offence to this, and actually considers himself to have a wide range of musical tastes. He enjoys a variety of things from Tchaikovsky to William Shatner (for varying reasons), and doesn't mind listening to pretty much anything that isn't Dance, (C)Rap, "Urban" or whiney Indie rubbish.

Chinese Day

Jono is a founding member of Chinese Wednesday. On this day, it has become tradition for members of the back table who have a free period 3 - namely Jono, Simon and more often than not Heskey - to head down to Waterfoot to order Chinese. This is then either devoured on the spot or taken to the Bench, where Dani and Becky tend to sit and wait like vultures, pouncing on scraps of Chow Mein. In the unlikely event of any remaining food, the dustbin gets an unexpected treat.