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IT Rooms


Began in Year 7 and Ended in year 9, this subject is interesting in year 7 and 8, but in year 9 it transforms into the Demon known as IT GCSE.


In this you do two things in the Half course, a spreadsheet for a shop or business you make up in 3 minutes, and a powerpoint presentation on any subject you like.

The most boring thing ever involved with IT, unless you have an interesting teacher, or an interesting subject to base your work on.

Things to Base your Powerpoint on

  • Hypnosis - Useful when trying to discover why maths put people to sleep. "I used that one!" Kronos. "Yes but you got a D." Billybob.
  • Pokémon - Great for confusing Mr Vass
  • Diet Coke
  • Knives - to scare the teacher...heh heh
  • Guns - Even scarier
  • A Teacher of your choice - Preferably your IT GCSE teacher for best effect.

Things to Base your Boring Excel spreadsheet on

  • Mr Vass's Earning in a week (in pence[underestimate]) - Fun
  • Bill Gates earnings in a week (to be compared against Mr Vass's earnings)
  • Any other Rubbish Company you can come up with.