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Mr. Hodgson is the new IT teacher from September 2010, he was standing in for Mr Jones, as Mr Jones has had an operation around the stomach area and it is in too much pain to teach. Even though Mr. Jones has come back Mr. Hodgson is here to stay.

His "Hilarious" Name

In his first lesson with 08B, Mr Hodgson waited for everyone to sit down and said "my name is Mr.Hodgson" at this Ivan Rhodes promptly burst into what would have been raucious laughter, if he hadn't stiffled it with his hand. In that same lesson he caught about 3 people on google Earth out of about 8. He cannot control 08B, they hardly do any work, shout, and run around. In lessons of this sort he rarely gives out penalty points. He says the worst form he has had was from another school.

When asked what his first name was he said he was called Danger Hodgson but really its Daniel Hodgson.

Control Issues

He absolutely cannot control 08B! All they ever do is mess around... he even blocked Google! He just doesn't trust them and he is currently trying to find out how to block Bing. He hates Google Earth and especially hates BRGS Wiki...

Mr Hodgson's Banning Obsession

Currently for our set 10J Mr. Hodgson has tried to ban a number of applications and websites using the Ranger Remote Control, these include: Paint, Google, Bing, Google Images and worst of all... BRGS WIKI!!!


He has many nicknames issued to him by 08B, these include:

  • Dr D
  • Hedgehog
  • MC Danger
  • Dangermouse
  • Danger
  • David (possibility for a first name),
  • Daniel (other [possibility),
  • SIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! - mostly made famous by Elliot Irving,
  • Mister mister HODGSON! - mostly by Elliot also.

Last Day of Term

On the last day of term before Christmas Mr. Hodgson allowed 08N to watch Twilight Eclipse. However, he could not get the sound to work and only about 8 people were watching (all girls) so he resolved it by putting on the subtitles, which the girls took as an invitation to act out the film. He also brought lots of sweets and chocolates in for them to share.