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Mr Jones is an IT teacher and computing plus teacher who arrived in September 2009. However prior to this he was at Year 9 Camp 2009. He is known for supporting Manchester United, missing a really easy shot in a staff Football match and also that he has a PS3 and CoD (so delicious...). He does, however, refuse to give students his user name because he may be accused of being a paedophile! He was very ill in the intestines (though no-one knows why- it's rumoured he got hit by a car) and was being covered by Mr Hodgson (Danger Hodgson), who is still teaching despite Mr. Jones coming back.

Rick Astley and Google Earth

It is rumoured that Mr Jones has a grudge against Rick Astley and Google Earth (Particularly the flight simulator). He used to threaten 07N pupils with penalty points if they went on the Rick Astley website, but he got it banned on the school network. He still threatens 07N pupils with penalty points if they go on google earth, but the pupils continue and eventually get penalty points. And they do the same every lesson. BRGSWiki is NOT responsible for the contents of external sites. Continue at your own risk.

Other Facts and Memories

  • In one of his lessons with 07N, Matthew Lewis spent the whole time trying to prove he had a Clarks shoe just because Mohammed had one. Mr Jones was not amused.
  • He is also rumoured to be James from Twilight and also Bill Weasley although no one knows what Bill looks like. He is also quite lenient on websites that 07N go on unless it is really interrupting there work.
  • Mr Jones once promised Milton Ashworth a merit if he could stay in his chair all lesson, when Milton Managed to do this he got a merit for "Sitting Down".
  • Matthew Roby, a year 9 student Mr. Jones teaches for IT, once spent a whole lesson trying to find the correct "Joe Jones" in every single online directory. He only found out 5 minutes before the end of the lesson that he was ex-directory.
  • On the last lesson of the first school term (2009), he let 8B watch harry hill on itvplayer. When a student asked what this had to do with IT, he replied, "It's on the computer, isn't it?" Unfortunately, the lesson ended before we had time to start watching shawn the sheep on bbc iplayer.
  • Mr Jones is engaged and is going to get married and have many ginger vampire children (ask him, he admits it).
  • His mum rang him after she watched twilight believing that he was secretly an actor (thats true as well[Just ask him]).


"If I see you on google earth again I will give you a penalty point."

"OK year 7, Look at the board now."

"I'm not sure you should be on that"


Elliot: alright jeez (shut's down google earth)

Jones: (walks away)

Elliot: (loads google earth again)

Joe: you sure elliot?

Elliot: I CAN HAZ FLY!

Jones: .... not impresseed

Elliot: Face bothered?

Jones: record book.....