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The loveable and friendly Mrs Ashworth is an English teacher, an IT teacher and head of KS3 English. She is also mother of former lower school student Gareth Ashworth. Also, she is possibly one of the nicest teachers to ever enter BRGS. She has worked for the school for a considerable amount of time as is evident by her presence in many school photographs.

She likes Johnny Depp (as do many females, not just at BRGS).

For a while she had a classy bob-like haircut and a fringe which is best described as 'curtains', so when wearing her white blouse and having her back to the class she could sometimes be mistaken for Leonardo Dicaprio.

She teaches both English Language and English Literature, but sometimes teaches IT in the lower school she specialises in language along with Mr Haycocks at AS/A2.

Has a tendency to talk an awful lot during lessons about random things.

Some people think of her as a sort of female Stephen Fry.

Often calls her computer 'Petal' and tells you several times a year about how her guinea pig died.

She is in charge of the Chess club that meets on Wednesday lunchtime.

Looks slightly like an owl.

Tells random and unneccesary stories


  • "Storm, has anyone ever told you that you look like a ferret?"
  • "An awful lot..."
  • (During a power cut in 7s' IT lesson) "Uh-oh! The computers have gone off!"

student: "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!" Mrs A:" Oh don't be so silly!!" (giggles)

  • "So we are doing a spreadsheet on pets. I used to have a pet once, a hamster called... bladhy blahdy bla... and he died ... bladhy bladhy bla... a rabbit ate him"
  • "Right now I'm going to Johnny Depp those selected cells."
  • "I'm currently reading the "Night Watch" trilogy. Ohhh its good, have you read it?"
  • "It remotely looks like a sperm" (Talking about a semi-colon)