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He is a German teacher(he teaches German).


Freitag Man

Main Article - Freitag Man

Mr Parkinson has a small man which he draws on the board every friday this man is the "freitag man" how he was created nobody knows.

The Freitag Man
   / _  _ \
  _\ _____/ _


  • Mr Parkinson abuses the ranger system whenever possible by locking computers, taking control of programs (see below), logging students off and sending them messages even though he is only 5 feet away.
  • Apparently, in a recent 7S IT lesson, Mr Parkinson took over a student's computer when they were on Google Flight Simulator and proceeded to crash the plane.
  • He is also known to get extremely angry if he is talked over during the class, which happens quite often, and this results in massive shouts and threats of "points in your record book" but he rarely gives them out.
  • Mr Parkinson is known to drink out of a red bottle and makes strange faces when he takes a sip out of his bottle.


  • "One day I hope to have a poo-bucket system rigged up in the roof of my classroom. See, if someone says something stupid, I press a button here somewhere, and a bucket of poo drops on your head...

...if they get it right I'll still empty it on them. I could even have different colours of poo for different year groups, Year 7s could have sloppy yellow poo, Year 8s, lumpy green poo, and Year 9s, hard brown...."

  • "Boris Becker ist um de ecker" The only bit of german I remember.
  • "It's so simple, my cat could do it."
  • "I'm a very patient person!"
  • "Sir, have you seen Moulin Rouge?"

"But Sir it's french!"
"Ye, sut Nicole Kidman's TASTY!"

  • "German is like lego, you can put old words together to get new words."
  • "Riggght Guys." (Ineffectively at least 20 times a lesson usually with a handclap)
  • Student: "This tape's rubbish and too slow!"

Parkinson: "I know it's like watching Burnley play on a Saturday afternoon!"

  • "Schnell, schnell, schnell it's like watching Burnley play on a Saturday afternoon."
  • "Eggs!!!!!!"
  • A girl: "Sir it's freezing in here, can we shut the windows?" Mr P: "EAT MORE PIES!!"
  • "Sshht, sshht, sshht." (Said at least 30 times a lesson)