Aaron Barlow

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Aaron Barlow

Aaron Barlow is a member of 10R. He likes to do random dances that get recorded and sent to everybody and make him totally regret EVER doing it. Loves Capatalism, evil schemes and making children cry. He also spent the majority of a Year 9 IT lessons of games such as stickman madness, missile game 3D and elite forces Afghanistan (still got an A*). Asking Aaron if you can borrow money or have any of his sweets is an impossible task but on many occasions Owain has tried to pry Aaron's hands of his wallet, all of them fail (unless he is in a particularily bad bood)and to further scorn Owains attempts he always offers his money to Saim who for some reason never accepts. He also loaths Maths (you know why) and Physics claiming that he'd rather do a whole week of Homework Club than do one lesson of Maths (Homework Club is a scary place ... I went there once). Aaron couldn't get a girl if he drank a mystical love potion, got shot in the face with Cupid's arrow and, dare I say it, got a haircut. Nonetheless, we like him here in 10R. He's welcome here.

Everybody's doing it

Well this section was in need of some updating and everybody is making things on how they see people so I thought lets copy and see what happens ummm.....

  • Michael: Seems to like meditation, possibly Buddhist, definately girl. He also starts talking about the recession in a very loud voice when a luck lady walks in the room making the missing ceiling tile look even more obvious.
  • Kieran: You think he's bad at school, I've seen him after he's had 5 chocolate bars ans 2 packs of haribo tangtasics ughh...
  • Bobby: Peculiar indeed..... (companion cube *sob*)
  • Joseph: there is only 2 things he does now in his entire life, Eve and Chocolate
  • Owain: POOSHOE.


Some people up in the music department have decided to give me the nickname mini Mercer, even some members of my form are openly using it. On average I will be called mini Mercer at least once a day. I would like to stress that I look nothing like Mr Mercer and to say that any who thinks that is extremely dumb! Recently after getting my hair cut, Owain has also referred to me as Mr Hoyle, I just don't understand this so can someone please explain it to me!


In year 7 and 8 he had a fanatical obsession with rabbits but over the past year or so it has subsided considerably and he mentions them very occasionally.

Quotes (Some of these will occur more than others)

  • 'Oh no it's maths next'
  • 'I got a penalty point... for sitting down!'
  • 'Michael I not going to the music department'
  • 'Cora put that vodka down' [Cora just stares angrily at him]
  • 'Oh no, Not assembly'
  • 'ha you look funny'
  • 'I want the black whiteboard pen'
  • 'Kieran get off'
  • 'I have no morals'
  • 'Kieran get off'
  • 'I'm not evil just... just mean spirited'
  • Aaron: Kieran stop throwing you pencil case at the cieling or the tile will fall out
  • [Continues to throw]
  • Kieran: no it won't
  • [Falls out]
  • Kieran: s**t
  • [Runs to hide it behind the cupboard as we are about to have german in that room]
  • [Spends the entire lesson squirming hoping Mr Ward won't notice it as Aaron and Michael make loud remarks about the curious hole in the cieling]
  • Saim makes an insult
  • Aaron: Shut Up Owain
  • Owain: What I didn't say anything
  • Aaron: I don't care
  • Owain: But it was Saim
  • 'Kieran get off'
  • Owain: Can I have some money
  • Aaron: No
  • Saim: can I have some
  • Aaron: Yeh, whatever
  • 'Kieran get off'
  • 'It's BURY not BERY!!!!!!'
  • Bobby: so Aaron, Alyx Vance
  • Aaron: [A massive rant about how she is the most annoying and stupid character in Half life 2 and how she should have stayed dead in ep 2]
  • 'Kinder Maxi more milk less cocoa'
  • WE DID IT WE DID IT WE DID IT WE DID IT WE DID IT (repeat several hundred more times)
  • 'Ha six merits in your FACE' [While talking to Kieran in history]
  • 'I have ten'
  • 'LIAR!!!'
  • [refuses to look at record book]
  • Joseph and Saim have the dodgyness and maturity of a Year 3

Hurting himself in stupid ways

Aaron has always had an nack for hurting himself in very silly ways much to the amusement of others. For instance he managed to bust his lip on a chair while ducking down to avoid a flying bottle bottle. He always slip over on steps and hits his head on things ranging from table tops to lamposts. When any of these things happen Owain presumes to talk about for the course of the next few days (so annoying).