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Now in 10B, they usually get told off by the dinnerladies for making such a racket all the time. They are quite loud, popular and are very much the spokes people for Year 10. They are natural born leaders, and they darn know it. They probably have the worst reputation in Year 10, which was made in Year 7 and has stuck with them ever since! They have a slight rivalry with 07G, and sometimes the boys end up in fights together.

Form Tutors/Rooms

Year 7: Mrs Jackson Room 39

Year 8: Dr Bradshaw / Miss Ogle Room 55

Year 9: Miss Ogle Room 64

Year 10: Mrs Ashworth Room 10

Year 11: -

Memorable Events

Room 64

For Year 9, 07B happened to get one of the worst rooms in history as their form room, Room 64. Whenever something went wrong with the room, like the broken window or hole in the wall, 07B was blamed for it by Mr Halliwell. Although this was usually the case, especially after he exploding mouldy sandwich incident, Mr. Halliwell only once carried through on his threat to lock them out of the form room.

07B Occupants




  • Rebecca Smith (Becky)
  • Bethan Hornsby
  • Hannah Smee
  • Rebecca Healey (Becky)


  • Annie McCloskey
  • Andrew Rimmer (Josh)