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Form Tutor: Mr Ventress, Mrs Sharp, Mr Baird, Mr Wilbraham

Year Group: 06 intake

Breaking Things

06G has successfully managed to break a light (or roof) every year, we are just waiting for the last one in Year 11. Mainly by hitting it with a football, one year in which we believed we wouldn't break a light was Year 10 where we quickly discovered the light fittings in Room 65 are very resilient to being knocked down. Therefore while we chipped a few, we did successfully manage to create a hole in the ceiling, which they covered with a bit of wood. Unfotunately they haven't managed to break one in Year 11.


Ben, Lewis and Frosty (Year 7 and 8).


Joined Later


All of them are staying on to Sixth Form at BRGS, except Lucy Horrocks, Rachael Riley, Sophie Marsden and Luke Dempsey. We wish them all the best of luck!