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This intake are now in Year 11. They are also the ones that seem to be used as the guinea pigs for everything. Such things include:

  • The introduction of free Musical Instruments for every Year 7 child
  • The scrapping of Year 9 SATS (even though school still make you take them, they just get marked internally)
  • The introduction of Musical Futures in Year 9 instead of proper Music lessons
  • The new GCSE specification
  • When they came to look round BRGS, the school had not yet jumped on the Jamie Oliver bandwagon, but when they started school properly in September, they found the Canteen was not the awesome place they had previously seen.
  • The '06 intake are also a year where their year group matches up with the year it actually is. eg, they were Year 7 for the majority of 2007, Year 8 for the majority of 2008... etc.
  • They are also one of the few years to be Lancashire champions in Basketball, Football and Netball

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