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Luke Quigley is in 07N and is more commonly known as Quiggers. He is a very cool guy that invented the stealing bag game along with others. He will always tell the truth even if a friend will get in trouble because of it. Luke always obeys the rules, and remains resiliant in the face of extreme torture. He is also known to be the most annoying person to talk to on MSN, as he always invites his entire contacts list to big groups, causing mass anger. He is known for being good at badminton, but nobody seems to want to go with him as his powerful shots seem to hit people a lot...

A Very Odd Person

Luke is often spoken to by people throughout the year while passing in the corridor because everyone knows him for being a bit unusual. He seems to be over committed in football and badminton, with him in football taking even messing around games really seriously, often performing slide tackles, or shouting at players when they are not putting enough effort in. Insults never seem to bother him either, and never seems to be bothered whenever Ross Collin tries to insult him. He appears to be very naive to the world around him, but often knows a lot more than he lets on. He has trying to convince the lads in 07R that he has cool friends out of school and also wants cool friends in school, but they never seem to believe him. Luke is also known for saying things that nobody cares about and rants on about things and people don't even listen to him. Despite leading, some would say quite an odd life, he is always cheerful and rarely does he actually feel really depressed.

Luke's Out-of-School Friends

Luke has a number of friends out of school, with whom he enjoys playing football. Many of Luke's in school friends believe his out of school friends are complete chavs, although Luke's out of school friends do not believe that they are. This was proved when Mohammed Kouta commented on a photo of Luke on Facebook, which resulted in an escalated argument between Mohammed and Luke's friends.

Football Manager

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One of Luke's former star players, Carl Brittain

Luke has a massive obsession with Football Manager 2010. He was in the 2031-2032 season with Fleetwood Town and had taken them from the Blue Square North to the Premier League. He gave Freddie Priestley, Paul Burdekin, Leo Bownas and Uzair Hussain updates on his game every morning in the form room (whether they actually cared or not is a different matter). He had told them so much that Uzair even knew one Luke's former top players, Carl Brittain. This all sadly ended after Luke received Football Manager 2011 for Christmas and now plays that instead. Recently however he made a return to this game, and is currently in the 2041-2042 season. He has now won the FA Cup four times, the League Cup twice, the Europa League 5 years on the bounce, the Champions League 3 years on the bounce, the Club World Championship twice and the Premier League 4 times on the bounce. His friends say that he has done everything he can and should quit and do something else, but Luke has aims of winning the World Cup with England before thinking about anything else...



  • Star Wars
  • The Sims
  • Mario Kart (or Mazzer Kart nowadays)
  • The BRGS Wiki
  • Matthew Hoyle's double chin.
  • Bolton Wanderers
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2
  • New Super Mario Bros Wii
  • Football Manager
  • Sex on the Beach Dance
  • FIFA


  • "Nationstates? Stupid, stupid game. I have better things to do!" (Upon any mention of the game Nationstates, and occasionally just randomly.)
  • "Oh...Ok!"
  • "Are you going to -Insert Place Here-"
  • "I've been playing football every night this week"
  • Luke - "Hoyle your obsessed with COD, do some exercise instead"

--- Matthew Hoyle - "No Luke im not obsessed, I mentioned it to Mohammed once and you jumped down my throat. I havent even played on it for five days."

  • "No Nonsense Tough Tackling Defender!"
  • "Unbelievable Tekkers!"
  • "Isn't there something I'm supposed to hate you for?" (Upon seeing Connor Rothwell)

--- "Oh yeah. You broke my pencil!" Luke then proceeds to stare like a crazy person for the next few seconds.