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Daniel Gillen is attending BRGS LVIth from 2006-08. He is currently taking AS History, Physics, Maths and Further maths.
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Past History

Originally, Daniel wished to take Psychology and Chemistry, but decided to steer clear of the guaranteed fun that is Chemistry and declined to study Psychology due to his belief that it is a 'pseudo-science'. He attended Towneley High School for his GCSEs which he enjoyed very much. He is often know for declaring, with unshakable confidence, that he is right on a mathematical hypothesis, only to concede to Michael Nielsen later.

Political Career

Daniel Gillen is an active socialist, which usually leads people to question why he is supporting the selective school system. He was elected to represent his town Burnley at the United Kingdom Youth Parliament. An outspoken atheist, he is renowned for his harsh views on Christianity and other world faiths, much to the bemusement of Robert Sheperd, while a debate over world religion and its politics raged over a pizza at Pizza Hut in Manchester one Winter afternoon.

The BBC Debate

He appeared on a BBC World Service radio debate on Religion, which was aired on Sunday 10/12/06. He laid down a damning criticism of world religion that was heard by millions of listeners. The events of the show include Daniel pissing off an ex-murdering-drug-dealing-gangster-come-born-again-christian, and disagreeing with other members of the panel.

The show can be found here


  • "No. No. No. No, no, no. No no no nonononononononono. Oh wait, yes."
  • "Erm, Mike?"
  • Reeves: Daniel, what have you done in the last fifteen minutes?

Gillen: I have wandered the complex planes of the deep and dark side of mathematics.

Reeves: No you've drawn an asymptote. Now get on with some work.

Gillen: But sir, I was thinking about the underlying complexities and beauty of mat...

Reeves: Shush.

  • "Religion is an absence of Reason, the sleep of logic"