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Christopher Matthew Holdsworth-Swan is a sixth former at BRGS, coming from St. John's and St. Michael's Primary School, onto BRGS itself as a student until now, along with friend Daniel Marshall, he came to BRGS and joined 7G, where he eventually after a somewhat tumultuous start, made friends with Ashley Phillips. The three have remained friends ever since, and remain friends to this day. This trio were in fact the founding members of the famous group referred to as the Skippers in their early years at BRGS.

He cannot have a simple conversation without reffering to sex in some way. Ask him about the story about the giant tortoise and the swedish vet (he also has some better ones now). He knows how to fold a normal piece of paper so that when a certain piece is pulled it looks like a man with an erection.

Chris is a loud character although in Statistics 2 lessons when his moaning about the subject had subsided he asked Mrs Chapman a question and she managed to totally ignore him claiming that she had not heard him.


Chris has been awarded the nickname 'Potato'. This is because he called Stuart Locke 'Spud', and he responded "Well you actually look like a potato!" and the nickname has stuck ever since. This nickname is in fact only used by Stuart Locke. Mostly Chris is referred to as Chris. =

He is also known for his squishy, alien-like skull, discovered whilst being touched by Toby Cockayne, which used to be a common occurence in sciences and PSHE. Toby got his kicks, and so did Chris, as he squealed with delight, like a little school girl. The irony is quite striking, considering he is a 6 foot something beast! In fact he didnt exactly squeal, it could be better described as a torrent of unprintable words which were cut short by the legendary Mrs Gregson entering the room.