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No, not people who regularly skip, but instead people who regularly congregate in the alcove that can be found outside the Music Department Practice rooms, also neighbouring the external of Room 96. This alcove has also recently been invaded by a large yellow skip.

The Big Yellow Skip

This is a large yellow skip with roof and side-window. Although it is taken away periodically for cleaning (emptying) - this is known not becuase the level of things inside changes, but because it's exact position changes slightly every now and then, allowing for various things to be... placed underneath (see below), it is proven to be the same skip because once, "Or Else" was written in permanent marker after the large red preventative, "No Fires", tranasforming the statement of pride into a stern warning, and because a bullseye has been drawn in blue Whiteboard marker on it's port (windowed) broadside - both of which are still visible (the bullseye more so as it is much more recent).


The skip is sometimes raisable, due to it's varying placement and the uneven-ness of BRGS ground, meaning various things have been placed underneath it after it has been lifted. This is a three-person job, requiring two people to lift it (this number is mysteriously arbitrary - none of the strongest of the Skippers is able to lift it on their own, all but George Barnes on a good day, and the physically weakest in forearm and upper body strength requires only one additional aid) - and one placer. Some believe that this is due to mystical properties inherent ni the skip, others say it's because the level of rubbish ni it has changed from the day George did it alone to the day it took 3 people to lift it.

Many of the skippers are members of the incorporation "Bottle Bomb Inc." and are involved in the production "Asbestos Toaster", which is basically a mixture of Jackass and Monty Python.

List of things known to have been placed under the skip

  • One spent AA Battery
  • Bottles, plastic, various, full
  • 1 full sized lorry complete with heavy sling, driver, and dog.
  • Bottles, plastic, various, empty
  • Bottles, containing the legendary mix of coke and mints
  • Rounders bats, two, good condition, placed under to attempt to move the skip in a cave-man sled manner
  • Cans, drinks, various, full
  • Cans, drinks, various, empty
  • Two Red Gummy Bears, one decapitated, in accordance with holiday Red Gummy Bear Massacre Day - every 8th of March

There is also not a conspiracy to attempt placing a person (which is also definately not Zak) in or underneath the skip.


Unfortunately at the start of the 2008/2009 year the skip was removed and has not returned, this leading to the Sixth form skippers to relocate to the corner of the new supercommon room. (near Ms Wilkes' Office) This corner has hence been known as 'skippy corner'.

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