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Zak Richardson is a small Year 9 student, who also USED TO BE known as a student librarian, and a regular annoyance to the Skippers. There have been numerous attempts on his head, but so far, usually have been foiled, and usually by teachers such as Mrs Gregson. He also sports a jeweled ear-ring. Tom Rhodes and Adam Petterson taught him their names the wrong way around at the start of the school year, and then confused him (without much effort) by repeatedly swapping names and he still hasn't figured out which is really which.

In year 7 he sported a rather dorky looking fringe,(see below picture) but now prefers to shave it all off, increasing his resemblance to an escaped convict.

Went out with Dawn three times. The most recent relationship ended when he dumped her. He wouldn't give a reason. He told some people it was because he called her a lesbian. He has recently broken up Rachel Bond who within 2 weeks was going out with Adam. Some people consider him to look like a rock. We all feel sorry for that rock!! He has a stunning resemberlance to an onion!

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  • Don't kill me! I'm the last Troll! (note, "Troll" was said in a very southern accent, ie "throw" (minus the "h") folloed by "ull")
  • Whatever floats your boat!! (he says this as much as possible. Most of the time it doesn't even make sense.)
  • Your mum!! (see above note)
  • Whatever shoots your hoop (said to anna on thursday 10th may when talking about saad)

There is one very scary thing about Zak and that is that he has actually had lots of girlfriends! How weird is that!