Stuart Locke

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Year 11 student, known for his strange attitude and lovable pesonality.

Started the religious festival of Red Gummy Bear Massacre Day (R.G.B.M.D), which occurs on the 8th of March, and has been going now for 2 years. The gummy bears are massacred because they are his gods enemy, and his god (the fungal king) is not a vengeful god, so Stuart kills them for him. bears have been attacked with staplers, walls, pencils, chairs and walls.


"I'm a lesbian nun... with seven degrees!!"


Stubert has many, many names:

  • Stuart
  • Stubert
  • El Guapo Senor Stuberto (the sexy Mr Stubert in Spanish, apparently)
  • Stubie Doobie Doo
  • Stubie
  • Stuberry
  • Stube
  • Stu
  • St

He also answers to most insults and other names of people he knows/names that sound like his, like:

  • Sean
  • George
  • Steve
  • Steven
  • Martyn (?)
  • Adam