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Temporary Classroom Palaeontology is the emerging science of the study of temporary classrooms at BRGS. It is thought that during the early Cretaceous period, there was a major increase in the population of temporary classrooms. It is an area of active research to find whether some cataclysmic event was responsible for their eventual extinction.

Defining 'Temporary'

The label 'temporary' indicates a building with a potentially infinite shelf life that requires no maintenance during its lifespan. Indeed, the History department has actively encouraged the installation of as many temporary classrooms as possible, since in the future they will represent almost completely intact time capsules for use in the study of the past. The temporary classrooms are also refered to by many as the "Cardboard classrooms" due to the little effort required to make holes in the classroom walls as proven by Elliot Irving.

Catalogued Rooms

The temporary classrooms at BRGS fall into three distinct categories, according to the Priestley classification system:

  1. The English Block or Maths Block 2 - rooms Room 57/58
  2. The Maths Block (formerly the RE Block) - rooms 64/65
  3. The Tea Rooms - rooms T1-T6

The Great History Department Uprising of 1987

Caused by the removal (and disposal) of an original shag pile carpet from room 58 by the caretakers, without allowing the various artefacts stuck to it to be fully catalogued.

Flat roofs

Temporary classrooms most often have a cunning 'flat' roof design, possibly so any footballs are forever lost if accidentally kicked there. This is yet another reason why the history department place such emphasis on the installation of temporary classrooms. An original Roman trigon ball was found on Room 57's roof in 1998, although it was later claimed by the P.E. department as school property.

An alternate explanation for the flat roof design is so that students climbing on top of them to retrieve footballs are less likely to fall off. There was one notable observation made in 2000 of a year 9/10 getting up onto the roof of Rooms 57 & 58 (observed from the Canteen snack bar queue), then getting back off again. It's quite easily accessible using the fire escape and rail on the Art Block side as a step, but be careful of the big (spiky) iron fence just two metres further away!

End of the Temporary Rooms

It is likely that the rooms will be removed after the 2010-2011 term when the Media Block is completed.