Room 67

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Also known as "The Batcave" or the "Art block's perineum". This hallowed space between rooms 66 and 68, sensibly numbered as 67, is where Miss Flint and Mrs Bamford may retire to enjoy a cup of tea, microwaveable meal or spot of ironing.

It is considered a great privilege to enter this room, the minimum requirement usually being the study of Art at A Level, or a decently priced bottle of wine. However, one year 8 Maths set taught by Mrs Hollick(Mrs Hollick was the head of Art, but spent five quarters of her time teaching maths) were allowed in to watch 'Shaun Of The Dead.

This room is also used to store a multitude of Art books, materials and projects, and home to the mysterious package entitled, "A gift from Steiff. A gift of love." It is also thought to contain the largest stock of tissue paper known to man, which has been amassed by Mrs Mansfield over her BRGS career.

Other contents of the middle room include a box labeled "assorted bones", a few red Nescafe mugs and a small collection of irons(one in a fetching orange). Popular legend has it that if the Room 67 smells of toast, then one of the inhabitants has just enjoyed a spliff. The truth in this is unknown.

Also known as 'the cupboard', in which Adam Cronan was constantly thrown into during every lesson. It has scarred him ever since.