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Mrs Bamford is an Art teacher at BRGS. Her generous praise of students' work has derailed Mrs Hollick's long-running "criticise, then remove and sell at Sotheby's" scheme.


  • "I am strict, but fair."
  • "Now you can't seriously expect to draw with a pencil that size. I expect all of you to have a GOOD SIZED HB PENCIL!! Oh and your rubbers ought to be white too."
  • "Thats terrible, rub it out and start again."
  • (When checking the classroom after a painting session)"This pallet is still dripping! Who is going to come and dry it?"
  • (Later in the same lesson) "I'm not going to let you leave until this pallet has been dried!!!!"
  • "This work could have been better. Try adding more information or making it neater"
  • "I don't like your choice of colours!"

substituting a German lesson she didnt realise Adam was charging his mp3 player on the computer infront of her.

later in the same lesson she yelled at the class to be quiet when someone dropped a pencil.

  • Mrs b (to pupil): what are you doing!

pupil: nothing miss mrs b: you are i can see you. just because im looking at a piece of paper dosent mean i can't still see you pulling faces pupil: sorry miss mrs b: would you like to come up and teach the class whilst i pull faces at you. Come on up you come. pupil moves to front of class whilst mrs b sits there pulling faces at the pupil. mrs b: its not nice is it having faces being pulled at you behind your back. Now i will see you at breaktime for a detention!

  • "I hate it! Do it again, but bigger, like this..."(pupil does as she says and shows her) "I hate it! Do it again..."