Rage Against The Machine

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The History behind the Animation

Time seemed to stop still for one small, 3 minute long, animation of a Chemistry teacher with an intense hatred for Photocopiers.

That's right, the animation that everyone is talking about:

Mrs Weir vs the Legions of Photocopiers in "rage against the machine".

Mrs. Weir's dislike of photocopiers became known when, one Chemistry Lesson (Wednesday 8th November, 20065, Period 4), she admitted to having a "tussle with a photocopier", explaining why some sheets were photocopied wrongly.

This soon escalated into a hysteric discussion by the middle bench (Room 5) about Mrs. Weir, in camo paint, with a gun, destroying photocopiers to the music made famous in Apocalypse Now! - Wagner's "March of the Valkyries".

It soon became clear that the only way to bring the mental images to life was to make an animation of them - a task that fell to Lenny.

And so, after 10 hours of overall work, 2290 frames drawn out, and 1500 drawn out again (he forgot the lab coat!), the animation flourished.

What is the Animation about?

The animation is split into 4 or 5 "scenes", depending on how you look at it. The scenes are as follows:

  • Tussle with the Photocopier
  • Lower Sixth Chemistry Lesson
  • Mrs Weir: Stealth Attack
  • The Battle of the Century

The fifth, debatable scene is the last 20 seconds of the animation. Nothing will be said about this as it contains spoilers.

Scene 1 - Tustle with the Photocopier

Scene 1 depicts the tussle that started it all - Mrs Weir and the photocopier going at hand to toner. Eventually Mrs Weir chairs the Photocopier and the next scene begins.

Scene 2 - Lower Sixth Chemistry Lesson

The lesson that started it all!

Mrs Weir apologises for the state of her photocopying, and Lenny (in a small cameo performance) explains why Mrs Weir cannot go and Photocopy some more sheets.

Another student pipes up that it is alright to go, as the caretakers cleared the mess earlier. Cue scene 3.

Scene 3 - Mrs Weir: Stealth Attack

Here we see Mrs. Weir decked out in camo paint, lab coat, lab goggles (she doesn't want that toner getting in her eyes, does she?, and a green bandana around her jaw, in true freedom fighter style. Using the cover of walls, lockers, and water dispensers, Mrs Weir makes her way down the basement corridor (the one with the lockers) to the photocopier room. The scene ends with a horrifying image of a horde of photocopiers waiting patiently to ambush the Chemistry Teacher.

Scene 4 - The Battle of the Century

A battle to end all battles! As the rage takes her, Mrs Weir falls onto one knee and pulls out a gun (type unknown). She then proceeds to pump the luckless legions of Photocopiers full of Grade A lead, eventually blowing the all to pieces - much to her euphoric joy.

Scene 5 - The End?

This is for you to watch. An ending that puts all endings to shame!


During he animation you'll notice various tunes and sound effects. All were editted by Lenny to fit with the animation perfectly. And one or two you'll notice:

  • Tetris Theme (Ska version)
  • Richard Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries"

And, the famous 'Lenny BANG!' This can be downloaded from one of Lenny's various filehosting accounts and, should you wish it, be used as a ringtone.


There are many different characters in this ground-breaking animation. The main character, of course is the hero of the whole shindig, Mrs Weir. The baddy (everything must have one!) is, no surprise, the dreaded photocopier

The other characters (minor) all appear in the Chemistry Lesson scene. From back row, left to right, these are:

Reaction to the animation

The animation has been subject to critical acclaim, and has already attracted a cult following. Many are crying for a sequel! As of 22/11/06; Mrs Weir still has not seen it; although she revealed in Chemistry today that she is now aware of it. Watch this space for her reaction! (And if you're reading this Miss, write your thoughts here...)

Indeed, although the heroine in question has not seen it, many others have, and at least one teacher admits to knowing it exists - a Mr Wilkinson apparently informed Mrs. Weir of this wiki page.


  • RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE IS A BAND! (This doesn't mean it can't be something else too though does it?)
  • Rage Against the Machine is an animation made by Lenny after a Lower VIth Chemistry lesson.
  • Just to clarify - Lenny indeed knows that Rage Against the Machine is a band, and hence a well-known phrase. Which is why it's used as the title for the animation.

Mrs Weir 2?

Lenny has recently been commissioned to knock together a new Mrs Weir animation. Various rumours about the plot are circulating the gossip lines. These include:

  • Rise of the Machines - all but one of the Photocopiers were destroyed in the blast. Over years this sole survivor has been building an army strong enough to defeat even Mrs Weir. But will it succeed?
  • Laws? Who needs Laws? - the tagline to this animation has been reported to be uttered by Mrs Weir and is, "Yes, I did change the Laws of Chemistry. But I put them back afterwards".
  • A third rumour is that the second animation will begin in a lesson with the same set, in which Mrs Weir proceeds to burn alcohols, whilst deep below school the Photocopiers build themselves up again. The animation finally ends with the Photocopiers being doused in alcohol and set a light (a waste of good drink, if you ask me).

Only time will tell if any of these rumours is true.

The full animation can be viewed at the official site