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Mr Blacoe is an English teacher who arrived in 2009 to cover for Mrs Fowler-Gibbs while she was on maternity leave. Unusually, he has not left the school even though Mrs Fowler-Gibbs has returned...and is still here! He helps Mrs Ashworth run the chess club. Always seems to have a coffee with him at all times and generally tends to live in the T5 cupboard. Many pupils seem to agree on the fact he looks like the ticket collector on 'The Polar Express'. He also looks like the guy who has a mustache put on his face in the 'Money Supermarket' advert, and Miss Carney thinks he looks like a "wily old detective". He is a pretty nice casual guy, and he often comes up to his year 11 GCSE students to have a chat with them. His lessons are very interesting yet he slightly lacks interest in them, usually focusing on marking essays.

He usually carries thousands of coffees and is never without at least 2. He may get through these two in around 30 mins just to keep himself sane during lessons with 08S


  • "Alright (Insert Name Here)."
  • "Today i want a nice calm lesson."
  • "Stay focused."
  • "Get on with your work."