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She used to like writing 'Be Quiet' on white boards and tapping it with pens till we shut up.

She writes messages on the board and always puts kisses on the end.

Makes very strange facial expressions whilst reading or talking.

Scares 8N with tales about pets eating their owners.

Owns the best clothes going..

Has a different facial expression for every day.


  • "Four On The Floor" (When people rock on their chairs)
  • "I am waiting" (8N take 10 minutes to settle down)
  • "Well done year 8, that is the fastest you've ever done it."
  • "Yes, I do have a english merit, another teacher gave it me."
  • "Come in, sit down and be... SILENT." (repeats this A LOT)
  • "Your python is preparing to eat you." (Scary expressions 8N quivering in fear.)
  • "And the GOOD news is, I've marked your books so you can have homework tonight!" (8N groan)"Oh come on year 8- it's a FUN homework tonight!"
  • "I get the impression that none of you are listening."
  • "Hands up, pens down, and listen"
  • "You have 10 seconds 8N. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.5,1.25,1,0.5.."
  • "I suppose you could say a turtle has a horny mouth"
  • "I'm going to count to 10 and I want you all in your seats. 1,2,3,4,5 hurry up year 8! 5,4,3,2,1"

06N Stoies

  • Student: WOW - I've found rectum in the dictionary!!
  • Mrs F-G: Very Good - its a place where the sun don't shine!
  • 8N laugh for a while
  • Mrs F-G: I suppose you could call Bacup the rectum of Lancashire(This is completly untrue)
  • Rebecca Dawson gives her evils for a while
  • 8N are reading A Christmas Carol and find the word erect in there
  • Student asks what erect means
  • Mrs F-G says: When Something is stood up straight
  • Groans from class that she doesn't say the other meaning
  • Mrs F-G enters room. Tells 8N to get their books out and sit down.
  • teaches the class for 10 minutes.
  • Stops mid-sentence and looks around the room.
  • Mrs F-G says: Is this T3?
  • 8N:yes
  • Mrs F-G checks timetable.
  • Mrs F-G says: Right class, we're actually in the wrong T room. Could you please pack up and move into T5.
  • 8N moan.
  • Mrs F-G says: Well... I supose we could stay in this room just for this lesson.... But DON'T let it happen again!

8S Stories (now 9S)

  • she walks in and 8s all stands up, every1 goes to sit down but no, you have to stand there for 10 minutes til she's finnished explaining and repeating what you are going to be doing in the lesson,by the 900th time you can sit down then take out your pen and guess what... SHE EXPLAINS IT AGAIN, then you get the famous hands up, pens down and listen for 1/2 and hour by the time she's finnished with all of that it's time to go home.

The haslingden Library experience

  • It was near the end of year 8 when Mrs Fowler Gibbs told 8S that they were going to visit haslingden library and see author Meg Rosoff and told them repeatedly how lucky they were to be taken to Haslingden library. On the day some pupils were SO excited they didn't want to go. he 8S girls walked and got the bus to Haslingden which Mrs. Folwer Gibbs described as an ideal form of transport, so we would feel better about the smelly old bus and the irritated passengers and the bus driver who looked like he was goin to kick us off any second. When we reached Haslingden we all got off the bus and Mrs. Folwer Gibbs gave us a 30 minute lecture of pavement safety and representing the school. Mrs. Fowler Gibbs did a memorable job of representing the school when she walked out into the middle of a small road and nearly got flatened by a car. Then she gave us another lecture on how she was paying attention but illustrating to us what could happen if we weren't being safe. After another lecture outside the library we went in and got beaten up by some chavvy school. Mrs. Fowler Gibbs continued to inform us on representing the school.

After the talk there were FREE DRINKS AND HOBNOBS!!!!!!!! It was the highlight of Miss Stricklands day. She went and ate half a packet and then continued to lecture to the attendant how 'delicous and really nice the hobnobs were' Mrs. Fowler Gibbs did not seem impressed while mrs. Strickland continued to blabber on happily about biscuits. On the wayhome Mrs. Fowler Gibbs walked into the middle of the main road in order to get the cars to stop which had no sucess, nearly resulting in the loss of valuable limbs. Miss Strickland, who seemed very amused by the whole thing walked into the middle of the road, spread her arms out and put on her I-will-eat-you-if-you-dont-stop-now face. It worked. If miss Strickland hadn't saved the day we would have probably been all squashed in the middle of Haslingden Main Road.... but we still want to thank Mrs FG for all the great memories we have had!!! The Python Story

  • There once was an old couple who were lonely, so they decided to buy a pet. Most people would've bought a cat or a dog or something like that, but they decided to buy a python. The couple fed it live mice and let it sleep on a blanket on the end of their bed. After they'd had it for a couple of weeks, it started not eating and stretching itself out and stiffening itself up on the bed *Class Laughs For A While*. The couple ring up the vet and ask what's wrong with their python. The vet says "I'm very sorry, but I'm afraid we're going to have to put your python to sleep immediately. He's preparing to eat one of you!" According to Mrs F-G, this is a true story. Be warned - never buy a python for a pet. (We're not quite sure what this had to do with the english lesson, but it was a 'funny' story)