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Miss Walsh was an accounting teacher originating from Ireland. She was a big fan of Guinness and Manchester United. She tended to fight her battles in aid of the accounting world from room 57, but she did have a sweet spot for room 85 and tended to venture there once a week. She also had the pleasure of 08G being her only form.

As well as being an outstanding accounting teacher she also taught General Studies at the highest level. Some would say that she had sculpted the subject in to make it what it is today. She taught Maths for one year at BRGS and is now teaching on her home island.

Contact details

Miss Walsh (Pammy to her mates (not pupils though, that would be unprofessional)) has both Facebook and Bebo.

Mysterious Second Job

It was a mild Wednesday afternoon when Messrs Jake Holland and Samuel Atkin discovered that Miss Walsh is living a double life. She could neither confirm nor deny what this job was. Rumour has it that she is involved in a prohibited industry. Other speculation includes her being a Milkman(or woman), Lifeguard(true), Security Guard, and the Assistant Manager's job at Hereford United.


It was recently revealed that Miss Walsh was single handedly behind the demise of both Woolworths and Arthur Andersen.

Really Irish?

Miss Walsh has said she doesn't believe in leprechauns and she has the FAKEST irish accent ever!!! This has not been found out...

Famous Quotes

  • "Now turn to page turty-tree and stay quiet!"

Miss Walsh's love life

Well it did mainly consist of 8G but since 8B/G made her cry we're not sure about that one any more...

Mental Breakdowns

  • Poor Miss Walsh has been known to get stressed easily by her Maths lessons with 8B/G and once nearly broke down into tears!!!
  • Speaking quietly is the start then as she builds momemtum, slowly cover your ears as the Irish yelling can really hurt them.


Miss walsh has recently developed a voice of sarcasm, listen carefully.


At Year 9 Camp, when asking some people in 07N what their names were, Uzair Hussain said he was called 'Timmeh'. Miss Walsh actually thought he was called 'Timmeh' (pronouncing it Timmy) until somebody told her his real name. Even after Miss knew Uzair's real name she continued to call him 'Timmeh' and Uzair will forever be associated with that name, wherever she is now.