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Miss. O'Hara is a new German and French teacher, she started at BRGS in September 2010.


Miss. O'Hara loves games, usually ones that involve minimal thinking, and preferably in one of the languages she teaches, but not necessarily. Heads down thumbs up, killer douze/zwolf and a simon says type thing are popular. This would be distincly rubish, but thankfully she is easily swayed from doing work to playing these games (that fail at being educational), meaning there is less learning time. Which is great.

How She Deals With Talkers

If she hears but a whisper whilst she is waiting for quiet, she will begin to scrawl 'Seating Plan' on the whiteboard at what she calls "quite slowly" (she is a fast writer) until all is silent or she has finished. If she gets to the end, obviously, she arranges the students into a permenant seating plan (unless their behaviour improves dramatically over the next few weeks, she might let them choose where they sit). If she doesn't finish, but if she hears talk again, she will proceed from where she left off. At least she wipes the board clean at the end of the lesson and she starts anew next session.