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Joseph Collins is an awesome pupil in 09N and likes to play stone myself at school with his fellow 09N-ers. You can brobably find him in the Food Technology room guzzling bleach in an attempt to go blind after James showed him a picture of a Porsche 911. For more on this go to James Ellis.


He likes to play on his Xbox 360 and also an online MMORPG game called dofus. For more on this subject go to [1]]. BRGSWiki is NOT responsible for the contents of external sites. Continue at your own risk.

Fav subject

He likes IT and also enjoys Maths (sometimes) and rarely he enjoys T&L with the nevester.





  • Jack
  • Saaf

Conversations with James Ellis

  • James: Good morning Joe .
  • Joe: Hey James....
  • James:............
  • Joe:...........
  • James: So, you er... you wanna go...
  • Joe: If it involves a car, plane or a f***ing sheep. No i do not.

  • James: Joe you got your cards?
  • Joe: No.
  • James: So you wanna play stone yourself?
  • Joe: The others aren't here yet, so no.
  • James: So what do we do?
  • Joe: We wait.
  • James:................................
  • Joe:.................................
  • James:....... well this sucks.

  • James: Joe? OOH LOOK A PORSCHE 911!!!
  • Joe: NOT NOW JAMES JOE'S BUSY. Can't you see I'm busy trying to overtake organisation 13? All I gotta work out is how step 1 makes it to step 2..............
  • James: Hey Joe you have a younger brother don't you?
  • Joe: Wow James, were the random bounds of emo and constant flashbacks too subtle?
  • James: I wish I had a younger brother....
  • Joe: Be careful what you wish for James.... I'm gonna finish brain-storming my evil plan and then drink bleach in the hopes that I'll go blind so that I'll never have to see that ***** porsche 911 poster ever again.
  • James: Oki dokie Joe, I'm gonna go watch re-runs of the simpsons, have fun guzzling bleach!

  • James: Joe..
  • Joe: Does it involve a car, plane or a song by Michael Buble?
  • James: No, it involves a powerboat. See..
  • Joe : *Face palms*