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Where did my page go?

It is highly likely that the Moderators decided the page just didn't contain any worthwhile content, and rather than attempt a tidy-up the page was deleted. If you are going to start a new page ensure you have something useful to say! It doesn't have to be a mini-novel right away but that first edit has to have something more than a couple of in-jokes, or stating that someone loves/hates someone else. Any swearing or insults result in instant deletion and likely a warning for whoever made the page.

If a page that you created has been deleted, firstly please check in Recent Changes to see if a moderator has written why. "No worthwhile content" is pretty self-explanatory!

If not, the second step should be to check the Editing Guidelines to see if you fell foul of the rules.

Finally, if you are still unsure, or feel hard-done-to by having your work removed, comment in the Community Portal or Moderation Requests and a moderator will get back to you.

Alternatively you can contact us by BRGS Wiki Email Address.

We will happily listen to any requests for restoration. Please note, however, that we are under no obligation to reinstate pages.