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It's the place where the musical people of the school, as well as many of the Music teachers live, leaving only briefly for food, sunlight, fresh air, some "peace and quiet" or to perform their art to the rest of the school, often forcibly. There is always something you can do, and always a band you can join. If you are good at a musical instrument then Music can be a great lesson for you, and most of the Music Department will like you. If you don't think you are particularly musically talented, turn up anyway, and wave your arms around enthusiastically. Jazz hands are also useful.


There are still many teachers missing from this area (Instrument teachers). Could anyone who knows add them to the list.



These are the main 4 groups of instruments to choose from. For more detail about the instruments scheme look at the page called Musical Instruments.

Extra Curricular

Could anyone with information add it to this area.

Young Musician of the Year

2010 BRGS Young Musician of the Year Contest. The following students were finalists:

Lower school

Upper school

The winners were Ronan Pilkington (Lower School) and Hannah Potts (Upper School).