Asanish Kalyanasundaram

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Asanish is very intelligent. He is in 07G. He likes Maths even though he doesn't show it. He has managed to achieve 3 A*s in Maths, Statistics and IT at GCSE before his year began to study them. He then went on to study AS Further Maths in Year 10.

Running Gags with Luke Quigley

Whenever Asanish is with Luke, Luke always seems to mention the country Svalbard and the word Namby Pamby for reasons neither can seem to remember anymore. Luke said that when he became Prime Minister he was going to invade Svalbard and make it his own country. This lead to Asanish doing some research on Svalbard and found a charity for the polar bears that live there. Luke then declared that they needed help from a charity because they were 'Namby Pamby Svalbardian Polar Bears'. Another running gag is when Luke approaches the T-Buildings, he always gets annoyed about Asanish being stood in the same place everytime. Luke claims because of this that he lives there.


  • "You're stoopid."
  • "Waaaaaaah!"
  • "Don't be like everyone else."
  • "Oh My God - Time for a new video!"
  • "You nerd."