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The Wiki

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Help Section

How to start contributing to the project.

Advanced Formatting

Wiki Tutorials

A wiki is essentially a website that anyone with a registered account can edit. By clicking on the edit tab at the top of any page, you can edit its contents. You can get an account by clicking on the top right of the page.

What you can do

Edit and Add-to

  • Already existing articles may need lots of work or tweaks here and there. This is particularly true of some pages with poor formatting or spelling.
  • Text editing is easy to do, just add whatever you like, as long as it's clean.
  • We can correct any mistakes so don't worry about 'destroying' anything!
  • If you want any help editing, look at editing help and the editing guidelines.

Make 'Stubs'

  • Click on red links or search for a page name that doesn't exist to start editing a new page.
  • Making very short articles stimulates people to edit the text, which helps grow the content of the website. However, articles which contain content of the same quality as 'OMG they r fit!!!one!!!"""!11!' are just going to get deleted, so try to put something worthwhile there!
  • Never put placeholders like under construction, as the whole site is technically always under construction, so it is redundant.

Format Content

  • If you're familiar with the codes to make an article look nice then by all means go ahead and make it look pretty.
  • There is a good resource for editing on the MediaWiki website.

Add pages to the frontpage

  • If you can think of something to add to the main page please suggest it in the Community Portal so a moderator can look into it.

Recent Changes

  • You can patrol Recent Changes to augment any new additions or correct any mistakes.

Become a friend of the BRGS Wiki

  • The BRGS Wiki is now on MySpace. Feel free to add us to your friend list and help spread the word.

Anything else you like

  • Perhaps you can think of a gallery that'd look cool - you can make one here.
  • Start up a news service on current events.
  • Start a podcast, like the assembly podcast.