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Tick 64.pngDo you want to give back to the BRGS community? Contributing to the wiki is a great way to do so. It is very easy, gives you a great sense of accomplishment, and helps out others who may have struggled with a problem before. Best of all, it's super easy to do! Just jump in and start helping!

Create an account

If you haven't already, create an account as you need one to start editing.

How to edit a page

Editing a wiki page is very easy. An awesome tool for learning how to edit wikis comes from the greatest and most well know wiki of all, Wikipedia. Wikipedia's How to edit Wikipedia -guide shows you how to edit and what special things you can do to pages using. Or you can just use this handy Editing Help page.

Know the rules and guidelines

When using and editing the BRGS wiki, you should always follow the rules and guidelines. This Wiki uses pretty much the same rules as Wikipedia, stated on their Policies and Guidelines -page. However, as there are less administators of this wiki, breaches of the rules will be acted upon much more harshly than they would at Wikipedia.

Know what to edit

If you're going to spend some time contributing to and editing the BRGS wiki, you should know what to edit and what will help the most. This is the easy part. You can browse the wiki, find a red link, click it, and fill in some content!

Of course, make sure you have a good idea about what your filling in!

As of the writing of this article, there are 1554 pages that are linked to, but don't exist. These are listed at the wanted pages -page. If you want, you can browse through this and fill some in. Although, that may get a bit boring. However, if we have a task force of, say, 20 people, each contributing one page a day, it would only take 82 days to fill in every single wanted page!

Unfortunately, though, those are not the only pages that require editing. There are also:

13 pages that need some work...
3 pages that need reviewing...
51 pages that are stubs...
0 pages that contain lists which are incomplete...
5 pages that are a complete mess...

If these are all 0, nothing needs to be done. But watch out for new additions.

Sit back and enjoy

So, what will you get out of this?

Kudos! Bragging rights! A warm fuzzy feeling! Whenever someone says that you do nothing to help anyone in the BRGS Community, you can link them to your contributions page and reply "Well, what have you done?".

Of course, though, you'll get a large amount of thank you's. There are at least 10 people who constantly watch recent changes page (especially BRGSMan), and when they see someone doing a great deal amount of work, they'll be sure to go out of their way to give you a personal thank you.

User2.pngLooking forward to seeing you in the recent changes page!