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Dangerousx is an administrator! This means they can delete, move and protect pages. They can also ban users if necessary. But don't worry - Dangerousx doesn't bite! If you have noticed vandalism, want something doing or just want to learn about the wiki, don't hesitate to visit my talk page!

Hello, BRGS Students and Teachers. Look around this site for information on your students or teachers. Try and keep within the rules or you will be blocked.


Ask the moderators (like me) and senior moderators (these can be found on the hierarchy page), if you have any queries. I should be able to reply soon because I am often on the site. Happy editing everyone. Dangerousx 16:04, 2 October 2010 (BST)

About Me

I'm a troll, so I know everything (even how troll science and magnets work, not even the Mormons know that) so ask me what you will.

P.S. I also own a horse.

U jelly?