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Wiki Hierarchy

This is a brief overview of how the wiki works, and what each user can do. The overall wiki philosophy is to have a collaborative effort among peers, however there are some administrative roles that are required as we would like to meet our editorial guidelines and avoid spam. For these reasons, the hierarchy exists. Our user rights are regularly reviewed as the MediaWiki software is updated and becomes more powerful.

Unregistered Users

This is the default for people viewing the site. You can view the Wiki but you can't make any edits.

Registered Users

If you wish to make changes, sign up for a free user account (the link is on the top right hand side of the page). Please, only sign up for an account if you wish to make a positive contribution, it's very easy to ban people who want to come and vandalise the site.

Before registering, please review the editing guidelines.

Registered users can alter most pages. Some pages like the Main Page or Current Events are locked though to avoid spam. If you have a recommended edit then please add it to the corresponding discussion page. Unfortunately, the registration process is necessary to make the wiki manageable.


Administrators, or Admins, are appointed to keep an eye on the Wiki, and frequently check edits are up to the editorial standard. They have the power to:

  • Ban users who are repeatedly defacing the site or spamming.
  • Delete pages that are affected by privacy concerns or contain content that is mostly contrary to the editorial guidelines.
  • Set and edit restricted pages due to spam concerns or edit warring.

See Administrator Policy for more details on becoming an Admin.

Bear in mind that we expect very high standards from our Admins, and it is a large responsibility to take on. Admins can have their status revoked for abusing their position, and negative edits are viewed much more harshly than for general users. Admins should lead by example after all!

Currently active Administrators - Eve, Magical Trevor, Dangerousx and Camponhoyle (and Bureaucrats)


Developers, or Devs for short, are specialized members of the Administration team. They are basically the same as Administrators but without some rights (eg. User blocking). Developers use their admin tools to code and create things to do with how the site looks and runs, like templates. Of course, Developers are subject to the same high standards as Administrators, and should lead by example!

Currently active Developers - 1885, Alan


These are essentially "Super-Admins". They can do everything an Admin can do, and are responsible for deciding who should become an Admin. As ever, these members are bound by the same rules as everyone else. In case of argument, the Webmaster is Clizard - his decision is final in all cases. Furthermore, he has final say on promoting someone to Bureaucrat status.

Bureaucrats are appointed very rarely, as there is no need for several members to have this status. At present, there is no requirement for more Bureaucrats on the site, so you will only reach this level in exceptional circumstances!

Currently active - Clizard, Chris, BRGSMan