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Mr Ashton is caecillius!

Mr King still enjoys Latin, and has a "Latin Game" on his Laptop...

The words 'Caecilius est in horto' produce 4,490 results on Google.

Those who listened beyond the first Latin lesson may recall the positions of the other characters within the house, but this is rare and considered beyond the ability of even above-average students........Metella est in atrio.....Quintus est in culine!!!!...but I did take GCSE Latin, so had two more years to study their locations

Throughout a year in Latin, you are taught over and over again, the sentance "The dog is in the street". By the time you reach the end-of-year exam, you have forgotten all of the 6 words you learnt and can only remember how strangely attractive Caecillius looked in that picture of the text book where he's standing in the study. With this in mind, you quickly procede to get 41% (pass mark 40%) on the test - thank god for the multiple answer questions. The teacher then tells you exactly what was in the rather large paragraph in the test that you took one look at, screamed, soiled yourself and tried to continue as if no one is watching - she had expected you to know the Latin for tightrope. After you are asked to leave the room from fits of laughter, tears and soiling yourself, the teacher then continues to teach the class the Latin for "The dog is in the street".

Sadly, Latin is no more due to the unfortunate retirement of Mrs Greaves. No longer may children be held for 1 hour and 15 minutes after school (usually longer due to the absence of a bell at this time, Mrs Greaves being too wrapped up in Latin adventures to notice the lesson should have ended by this time and all 6 students feeling it would be too impolite to inform her of this) to translate stories that made no more sense in English, thus rendering the whole act pointless. Good times...