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Joe Wood is an extraordinary boy, a third coming of Jesus (the second being Mr T). He enjoys the high life, being taller than most in his form of fairly short people, with he exception of James and Keiron. He also has curly hair which, according to Alex is a mop. He also enjoys endless taunting of Irha and many others. Plays the guitar. Is not made of wood, but is still carbon based. So far, tests have yielded no results as to the exact elements that make his body, scientists have decided to call it Joeinium. Is easily made paraniod, but if you use that against him he will find you...


Joe: "How do you spell 'sex'" Dale: "WHAT?" Joe: "...OH ****! It didn't sound that bad in my head, i meant the number sechs! The number!!! Don't you dare put that on my wiki!"

  • "Goodlyness" or "Goodlingtons"
  • "Yayousness"
  • "Hey! Stop eating my arm (name of biter here)"
  • "Ok, so..."
  • "Hey Dale!" "Yeah?" "Youre ginger!!!"
  • "Nice hair Dale!"
  • "Oww! That hurt!"
  • "Don't. Call. Me. Ginger!!!" (After people say he is going ginger)
  • "Afgitsopuh" or anyother random niose after something happens