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Dean preforming live & topless.


Dean Leyland is, at present, a cog in the BRGS sixth form machine, studying Computing, Maths and Chemistry to a standard known as Advanced GCE Level. This has meant that "The Leyls" has had to produce more reasons to justify his unhealthy knowledge of Audio Technology, due to the fact that his courses provide no source of knowledge for this obsession. Dean hopes to go onto University to study either Nanotechnology or Chemical Engineering; it offers more "moola" than audio technology.


  • Music
  • Technology of the Audio Variety
  • Pushing the boundries of social conduct
  • Gym
  • Traditional and obscure confection

Musical Talents

Many people have said Dean is a "sick ass" guitarist, pulling off some "phat" solos, but not as many know of his composing skills; they are plentiful. Dean writes much of the music for the band he is in, Hello, Mayfair and it is appreciated by many.

Career in photography

Dean fell foul of phone snoops Alex White and Edward Citanova whilst they mused over the photo section on his phone. It is safe to say they saw more than they bargained for, especially for a boy of his size. Then Lewis Gray found the phone and decided to also have a gander. Here he found a picture of what he believed to be a deodorant can. How wrong could he be. He announced it to the world that Dean had gay porn on his phone and yet again how wrong could he have been. Dean was later to admit that it was himself featured in the picture. Oh well. Fair play I suppose!


  • "When in Rome"
  • "The density of the wood....."