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Traditionally Sworn Enemies of Ninja, Pirates. Avoid confrontation at all costs, as Pirates come in two distinct flavours: Horde and Elite.

Horde Pirates

Typically combining all the swashbuckling (or perhaps just buckling) features of a pirate, such as Amazing sea legs, Inability to remain still, lust for adventure, gold, and a bigger ship (or possibly just base of operations), with all the aspects of the Horde: Innumerable and Inseperable crowds of individually weak, yet

Elite Pirates

For example, Captain Jack Sparrow. All the amazing qualities of a pirate, combined with an innate ability to be utterly awesome in any situation, be it a battle of wits or brawn. Incredibly skilled with weapons such as Rapiers, Flintlock Pistols and Muskets, and a battery of cannons, and the astounding ability to be amazingy charming or utterly repulsive as situation dictates. Often this varies on personal opinion and the current surrounding people.

Pirate Teachers?

The idea of a Teacher so far being close to attaining a "Pirate" status is currently under debate.

One Teacher Currently is under debate in particular, Mr Gray, if you think about it, he would look very pirate like in a pirate costume.

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  • Pirate Scream (battle cry)
  • The Pirate song
  • Pirate Grasp
  • Pirate Unforgettability
  • Super awesome Pirate gait
  • Instant treasure in places you never knew there could be treasure in
  • Pirate unflapability (It is impossible to out-pirate a pirate. Unless you happen to be a better pirate)
  • Pirate mumbling (a pirate is never silent)
  • Pirate gold-ray vision (able to spot treasure through Stone, Brick, and even Lead)
  • Pirate bite (Possibly rabid. Get a Tetanus shot)
  • Pirate ineffability (Ask a pirate what he thinks he's doing and a witty response will be sure to follow)
  • Pirate pereniality (You just can't get rid of them, and they tend to turn up at the worst possible time)

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