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The trip for Year 8, at the very smelly camp near the lovely cold lake. It is classed as a Maths trip because in the evenings you do some puzzles/sit in a big hall talking.

The most common first sight words upon seeing the building will be a mix of:

  • Oh...
  • It looks like a prison

But its fine once you get inside.

The coach will be very boring unless you have something interesting to do, because its 5 hours on a motorway.


Depending on student numbers there will generally be two floors of rooms, one for girls and one for boys. In the very large building there are many rooms which will only be used once- for a shape making activity, but don't seem to have a purpose and are all named after tree types.You choose your rooms before you get there, but they're usually changed randomly anyway, and usually when there is no apparent need. Don't be fooled- there ARE hair straightener plugs, but they're generally hidden behind beds or in random places such as half way up the wall.

The teachers usually have a lights-out policy for about 11/12pm which will usually fail. The teachers will inform everyone about how they can turn off all the rooms lights, but it will not stop them being turned on again, rendering it useless.

There will usually be a 50/50 mix of people wishing to sleep and people who want to run around in the corridors after ingesting a combination of Red Bull/Coca-Cola/Lucozade/etc and x many packets of sweets.