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9R are actually amazing :D We have a reputation of being distruptive but thats so not true haha :D

Form Teachers

Jealous much?

Additions and losses

Emily Austin and Rebecca whatsherface left in Year 7 because they obviously have faulty vision and cannot see how ultra amazing 9R really are (actually Rebecca only came to induction day then went off to New Zealand -- lucky girl)

Lewis and Charlie left at the end of Year 8 and were replaced by Jordan and Marc :D

Class CD

Our class CD is actually brilliant...

  • Imogen, Livi H, Lucy and Piipz = I'll be there for you
  • Marc, Jordan C, Sam M, Sam P and James = Dont stop me now
  • Livi W, Mica and Kirsten = Ugly
  • Lauren and Lydia = Mr Brightside
  • Ayajul, Usman, Abid, Luke and Alex = Chasing cars
  • Charlotte, Connie and Danielle = Tattoo