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Head of History

Mr Williamson joined the school in September 2004 from Haslingden High School, along with Mr Bretherton. During his time at said high school, Colin Williamson gave his year 8 history class, the opportunity to recreate the Spanish Armada. This including making the boats out of anything [preferably flammable], and then set alight to them(continues annually at BRGS). This was great fun, but ended with burn marks on the table. Since joining BRGS, such antics have included making various people dress in WWII uniforms and cause the class to start their own wars with paper bombs to re-enact the blood and gore that was the trenches! Mr. Williamson is a legend


Form tutor for 13CLW (no middle name, just CoLin).

Takes his form to Pizza Hut for their leaving treat, and for a leaving present gets them numerous items including a tin of beans and loo roll. Is a red devil through and through! He was reputedly offered a threesome after the Y13 Leavers Ball but had to decline as he is happily married.

Valentine's Day 2008

Mr Williamson was reportedly sent a single long stemmed red rose from a certain Food Technology teacher who goes by the name of Mrs Hughes. This rose was presented in Upper 6th's History lesson by Kirsty, who decided to lie on the desk (dressed in a very low cut top) with the rose in her mouth when he entered the room. This consequently caused Mr Williamson's face to turn the colour of the rose in question.


Colin hates rats. He spent 5 minutes of 9S' 2006-2007's History lesson telling us a story about a practical joke that was played on him involving a dead rat.

Kit Kat's

Mr Williamson is probably the only teacher in school who gives them out. You can get one for literally just answering a question.

If you do something in front of the rest of the class, such as hotseating, then you will be awarded a Kit Kat. If you do something in front of the rest of the class BETTER that everyone else, he has been known to give out a Kit Kat chunky! Mr W also gives out the rare kit kat chunky to the winner of the year 7 history model competition!!! yum....


  • "That's Brilliant that is!"
  • " (on being shown this site in a lesson) That's Brilliant that is!"
  • "That's Fantastic that is!"
  • "That's Brilliant, that's Fantastic that is!"
  • "Them things"
  • "Crappy Wallace Arnold Coach..." (On the subject of Mrs Thatcher's "Battle Bus")
  • "That's sick is it?"
  • (Later in same lesson) "That's SICK that is!!"
  • "I want you to pretend I'm Mrs T with the Perm, the Handbag... all of it" (He then consented to having a perm and handbag drawn on the board, and have his picture taken... picture is yet to be obtained...)

(To his class of current year 11's) if you can walk out of this room with the kit kat without me noticing you can keep it (this went on to cause the rest of lesson to be a search for the kitkat which was hidden well in "sarnie"'s sock)

  • (During a lesson on a supposed Egyptian surgery in the woodland garden, the day of the 2006 fire practice, five minutes after the siren going on after being told many times not to take belongings with you) "Why are all those people going up the hill? Oooh, take all your belongings with you! We'd have burnt by now!"
  • (covering a maths lesson, Danny slips a whoopy cushion under the cushion on the chair. Sir sits down. No noise is made. Sir pulls it out from under his chair, puts it on his chair and sits on it. It makes an amusing noise.) "Wow, it's self-inflating! That's a quality whoopy cushion that is! And it's shaped like a widge!"
  • "workhouse! i'll be cool and write manny instaed of manchester! am i cool?" yeeeessss....
  • "Some of the Apes are quite sexy"
  • "You can't do that to an old man!" (talking to Kirsty Powell after entering the room on Valentine's day)
  • "thats a good one, kiddo!"
  • "Adil... if you draw a cock and balls on my board..."
  • "No Hassan, we are not talking about Koch" (pronouced 'cock') "today. On Tuesday you can talk about Koch all you like. But just keep your thoughts of Koch till then"
  • "It's how Koch got in there. Oh God, I didn't even mean that one. Don't tell your parents I said that! You'll get me sacked..."
  • "Wagons roll!" (Every time anyone went anywhere on the London History/Law trip)