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Alan Doherty is in 09S. He likes to play touch.

Instrument Scheme

I play the acoustic guitar and my favourite game is Garry's Mod.

Runescape Addiction

I used to play runescape, but I got a bit too addicted to it... I decided to move on to Garry's Mod, a game 10x better than runescape.


Alan Doherty's friends are:


Programming Languages

PHP (Great Knowledge)
LUA (Great Knowledge)
Visual Basic (Medium Knowledge)
Visual C# (Greatest Knowledge)
Visual C++ (Minor Knowledge)
GameScript 2.0 (Minor Knowledge)

How I learnt so much about computers

Easy, I just messed about with them for quite a long time. From the day I got a computer I had already started messing around. I eventually learnt VB6 by myself, my parents then bought me quite a few books on Microsoft and Programming Languages extending my knowledge ever further.


I freqeuntly visit Electronics Club along with spending many lunch's in the Tech rooms, 38 & 37.

My Major Contributions

  • The community template here.
  • The stub article template here.
  • My Category system, learn how to use it here.
  • My Warning box, learn how to use it here.
  • My needs work template here.
  • My 'article is a mess' template here.
  • My more colourful and dynamic welcome template here.
  • My article template here.
  • My wiki tutorials here.

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