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Transcript of Notice

The sixth form dress code has been re-written for September 2006 after 'extensive' consultation with existing year 12 student representatives.

The aim is to present a smarter image which is more in keeping with the uniform required of years 7-11, many of whom look up to sixth form students as their role models. At the same time a prescriptive uniform, [pushed for by Lord Morris], has deliberately not been adopted to allow for a degree of choice and individuality.

The compromise still leaves the dress code requirements at BRGS far less prescriptive than those required by most Grammar School sixth forms. [However, if Critical Thinking teaches us one thing, it's that a tu quoque holds no water.]


  • Tailored trousers, (traditional colours:blue/black/grey/brown and full length)
  • Formal shoes, (i.e. not trainers)
  • Collared shirt (any colour), without pictures, graphics or logos
  • Shirt/blouse to meet trousers/skirt
  • Blazer/suit/jacket/tie (optional)
  • Plain coloured sweater (optional, but 'V' necked if worn)


  • Tailored trousers/cullottes or skirt (knee length)
  • Formal shoes, (i.e. not trainers. welcome home stupidly high stilletoes that break every health and saftey regulation under the sun)
  • Collared shirt or blouse (any colour), without pictures, graphics or logos
  • Shirt/blouse to meet trousers/skirt
  • Blazer/suit/jacket (optional) [evidently girls are not allowed to wear ties]
  • Plain sweater (optional, but 'V' necked if worn) or buttoned cardigan
  • Tights (any dark or neutral colour, not fish net)


And why then, are boys not allowed to wear the buttoned cardigan? Is it a sacrifice made for ties? At least the boys can still wear tights though, what a relief all round.

Ah freedom of choice lives on at BRGS in the form of the choice of shirt colour. Well, the choice of colour says a lot about personality... I choose florescent pink skirt, florescent orange shirt, dayglo jacket, sensible flat purple shoes and some black tights.