Packed Lunch Rooms

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There are four packed lunch rooms, or eating rooms, these are Room 54, Room 55, Room 56 and Room 94. These are all found on the Extension Corridor heading towards the Sixth Form Centre.

These rooms are in the half of the school that isn't locked down at the beginning of lunchtime so that students with no money can eat their wide range of sometimes unusual home made(mum made) lunches. These rooms are available for use up until the bell goes at 12:55, symbolising the new freedom of the students(they can then go into their Form Rooms/main hall/Music Department). Students are actually kicked out at 12:50 so that the Dinnerladies(who don't like this name and would much rather be called 'welfare staff') can clean up crumbs and sticky stuff. There is usually a lot of mess due to Ben Maguire throwing his tainted fruit into the Room 94 bin, causing the fruit to react in that of a way as a cluster bomb. Tyler Crane once threw a pear in Room 94 and it basically turned to liquid when it came into contact with the chair and wall.