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Her and Her Form

Mrs Hughes is quite possibly the most "with-it" teacher in BRGS, meaning she is most like a teenager at heart. Her form (13JIH) follow suit in being the most legendary sixth form class in many years. With such legends as "Frostie", "Big Lou", "Greendog", and Jack Walsh in their ranks, who can argue?

Open Evenings

Mrs H tends to get roped into providing refreshments for every single open evening/school play/fashion show/ parents evening etc that occurs in school, but she remains cheerful, especially if it means she can catch a glimpse of Mr Gray outside of normal school hours!

Proposed Legendary Status

Mrs Hughes herself is proposed to be legendary because of her ability to control and relate with her form, and the people around her. She seems to always be thinking of her students in everything she does, and unlike some BRGS staff, treats everyone fairly and like an adult. We love her! Not only is she an outstanding teacher, she is an amazing person and caring friend.


  • "Jonathan, what is it this week?" (referring to Jonny Helm's different course choices every week.)
  • "e.g. etc"
  • "Poke the little guy!"
  • "I'm going to keep this paper because Mr.Gray's touched it!"

Mr. Gray

For those in her many classes it may come as no surprise that Mrs. Hughes has a "thing" for Mr. Gray. On occasions when we have been in room 37 she will stop mid sentence if he walks past the window and follow him with her eyes until he is out of sight before continuing! Upon Mr. Gray entering the food tech room during open evening, she rushed over to tell him he could have anything he wanted, anything at all, before turning red and going to "check something in an oven"!

Valentines Day 2008

Mrs Hughes reportedly received roses from Mr Gray and a card from Mr Fitton on Valentines Day, and was allegedly rewarded with a kiss from Mr Fitton!! She also allegedly sent a single long stemmed red rose to a certain history teacher by the name of Mr Williamson! We'll have to wait and see how this turns out...


Mrs Hughes' lessons are always fast moving, fun and friendly. Everyone is respected, treated fairly and listened to. It is without a doubt, Mrs Hughes is the best teacher BRGS has ever seen. This is supported by the countless number of A's and A*'s her pupils achieve.


Mrs Hughes also seems to be missing and unable to spot around the school anymore.