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Scottish History teacher who believes being called Welsh is insulting. She was mistaken for being American when she did the register for a recent LVIth form. She adores the Proclaimers and giggles a lot. Argues that Mr King is not Scottish as he wasn't born in Scotland. I agreed to this though my reason was different: he doesn't have a Scottish accent.

Loves talking about anything historical. Has a permanent subscription to History Magazine.

She used to be known as Miss Walker. She is now known as Mrs Grehan after being wed to Mr Grehan, and was away on maternity leave, being covered by Mr Flemming.


  • "...and if you say this in your essay, the examiner will have an orgasm reading it!"
  • "...some of you are not peeing."
  • " That's very goooooooooooooood."(said several times each lesson for unknown reasons)
  • "Yes, we all know what Luke has been looking at,..."
  • "The best breakfast I ever had was Irn bru and three buttries...mmmmmmmmmm...."
  • "Deep fry that and I'll eat it."
  • "The thing I don't get is why would you walk 500 miles when you could just get the bus?"
  • "If I could go back in time, I'd tell Harold to stay at the top of the hill..."
  • "I've noticed you're very quiet in class, if you know the answer try and get my attention, yaknow, wink at me or something." This was said to nearly every member of 9G at their parents evening.
  • "Boys, please take your hands out from under the table, it makes me uncomfortable."
  • (While in the middle of a silent class) "Adam are you trying to fart?(Class Laughs)...No? It just the way that you're sat..."
  • Miss: "C'mon guys stop looking at Matthew's crotch."

Students: "We're not we're just looking at his pen under the table." (this was actually a pen, one that electrocutes you when you press the top.)