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Mr James Wilson is a new guitar, drum and bass guitar teacher at BRGS. He frequently changes his hair and Moustache styles, and has unique frases. He mainly plays funk.

Is a huge Beatles fan and when asked about the Beatles he answers "I Love them!"

Self proclaimed inventor of the slow motion tut.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Mr. Wilson does a very good version of Arnie. Most people who have heard him do it will remember it for a long time and will always want him to do it again.


  • (Pupil plays a good lick or riff)"Tasty".
  • "Keep it greasy".
  • "You haven't done enough homework."
  • "Wait, can I just use your Spotify account a sec?" (you return half an hour later and he's STILL on it)
  • "first person to say Oy"
  • "We need more bonage guys!"
  • "I'm greek." "Whoaaa!? What's your first name?" "Juas."
  • "That was pants, and you know it."
  • "Music without feeling is like owning a helmet and never having a bike!"