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Mr Whyte is an unsung hero. He is head of the RS department and is the soundest teacher in the school, you can always count on him to not tell you about your uniform and to always let you out of the canteen with hot food. Also, he is one of the few teachers that talk to you as another individual rather than a bit of crap.

You would think that all of these factors automatically made him a poor teacher - but this is not so... Swearing at students is funny as.

He also spontaneously 'fainted' during a year 12 RS lesson, because no one knew what Charles Darwin's book was called.

He's pretty fly for a Whyte guy!

He once made Mr Fitton come and apologise for some of his students being late. That's one cool guy.


  • "Mum, where's my undies!?"(in a school assembly)
  • Patrick Barlow: "Sir, what's a degenerate?" Mr W: "The opposite of a generate.(This was meant to be a joke)Someone who isn't treated equally, they are worth less than everyone."(Or something along those lines) 30 or so minutes later. "Patrick, get on with your work and stop acting like a degenrate."
  • (referring to a sheet with 25 half finished sentences on)"There are 25 to choose from, pick the one that turns you on the most"
  • "Touch anyone with that and I'll touch you up the bum." (several members of 9N were brandishing rolls of paper)
  • (later in the same lesson)"Right, bend over"
  • Joke to Year 11 -

"There's 4 types of orgasm

- the positive orgasm: 'OH YES, YES',

- the negative orgasm: 'OH NO, NO',

- the holy orgasm: 'OH GOD YES, YES'

- and finally the fake orgasm: 'OH GREG, GREG'" (Referring to Greg Rothwell who still to this day vows to get even with him for this)

  • "Right come on you lot stop pi**ing about"
  • "Ok adam your either looking at Kevin's phone or your really interested in his co*k" (said in a surprisingly harsh tone)
  • In a Year 7 R.S Class reading the Bible Genesis Chapter 2: Adam And Eve Were Naked and they were both proud... Mr Whyte :"Now this is where it gets exciting!" (Class Laughs)
  • (in the middle of a lesson) "Come on guys, quieten down, I'm trying to listen to the golf."
  • Likes to do Japanese accents.


If wound up to being really angry he often swears at the whole class in rage.

Other times he will just swear for the fun of it or on occasions that he thinks suit it.