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Mr Piggot is a P.E. teacher. Once told a P.E. class that he won't be able to teach them for a few weeks due to being on Maternity leave. It is possible that he meant Paternity leave. Mr Piggot is always up for a chuckle! The funniest teacher at this school!

General Information

Martin Andrew Piggot (originally name Stacey Martin Piggot, having changed his name in 1999 after much grief) loves all things sporting and hates all things (especially people) not sporting. He is rumoured to have a brother who plays rugby league and netball. He always liked you if you never let on that you knew his name, did things for any team that he may have a say in, and notoriously hates orienteers. Apart from the few that run X-country, when he likes you for an average of 5 weeks a year.

He also seems to be unable to decide what year group he wants to be a form tutor for, having been year 7 and sixth form over the past few years, but is currently with 9(not N). He usually likes to tell his class how much they are wasting their time by doing things like Critical thinking and other out of lesson academic activities. (But promotes PE??? does anyone see him complaining about those out of lesson activities? Thought not.)

Completely a legend after he took us (year 8 basketball winners) to McDonalds

He particularly likes to tell 9N his insight on the staff mind and what their real motives.

He also enjoys putting you in detention for wearing white socks, as most of 9N already know.

He gets extremely annoyed if anyone wares the wrong colour of socks for PE as well.

He has once been a model in the Argos catalogue.

He listens to ACDC

He hates Joey Procter because he was actually good at sports and in the fat group so then Joey hated him because Mr. Piggot likes watching the fatties running around.


"For those of you who are brain-damaged enough to do critical thinking here's a notice."

"You lot really should spend more time doing sports." "Anybody who isn't going to join in on this football discussion, get out of this form room now!" (Nobody moves but only a few actually carry on talking to him about football). (reading register).........., Isaac Cox, is he in today, ISAAC COX (EVERYBODY LAUGHS)

"And, there will be a trip to Easter... sorry, Egypt."

"Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just excited to see me?"

"Knowledge is for wimps; sport is for men! Or butch women!"

" Take that condom off your head"