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Mr Clarke is a new PE teacher, he joined BRGS in September 2010. He is an assistant head, and in charge of upper school (years 10 and 11). He's extremely good looking, which is something pratically every single girl in school can agree with. He is loved dearly by most of the girls throughout school, due to the good looks he posesses. Seems to be the only teacher who can capture the whole canteen with his voice and cause the whole canteen to go silent as they instantly avert their full attention to him. His office is based on the Basement corridor (previously Dr. Edwards office). We all think he knows about most of his female admirers, as in a year 10 GCSE class, as he walked in, Mrs Smith and Miss Todd had to stand in front of him so all the girls concentrated on them and not Mr Clarke. He is on duty at dinnertimes on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so any girl that reads this, do with that what you will. im sure there will be multiple girls in the canteen at this time.


  • He seems to be more of a motavational speaker than a teacher, due to his "captivating" assemblies and speeches. (Or maybe the girls just can't stop looking at him...)
  • He has made students who previously didn't like PE look forward to it.
  • The ability to appear at opportune moments, for example, during a dodgy sounding discussion about Matthew Lewis liking "Manshafts". (IT'S GERMAN FOR TEAM!!!)


  • [During an assembly] "My WIFE." (Emphasis on the word wife to many girls horror.)