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Mr Budd is apparently 26 and called Paul.. and despite only having been at the school since the beginning of the year has proved himself to be a top teacher and a potential legend. His " oh well" attitude is less than typical of most of the rest of the teachers at BRGS. He even manages to call most people by their nicknames.

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Mr Budd (According to google)


There are few Mr Budd quotes, just the way he is funnier than quotes ever could be... but still, here are a couple

  • "I demand to see your phone, under the Education and Provisions Act 2006!"

  • "Good morning Mr rend, where's my high five!?"

  • Student: "Sir, what's copulation? "

Budd: "It's getting it on."

Student: (sarcasticly) "What's gettin it on? "

Budd: (sarcy look on face) "And DONT ask me what sex is!"

  • Mr Budd: "Good Morning 9B."

(Everyone ignores him)

Mr Budd: GOOD MORNING 9B!!!!

Everyone: (mumbling) "Good morning Mr. Budd."

  • Student: "Can I have a pen please sir?"

Budd: "Give me your shoe!"

(Student gives him the shoe)

Student 2: "Why did you do that sir?

Budd: "So that I make sure that I get my pen back."

  • Student: "Sir, please will you tell these girls that gettin hit in the testicles hurts?"

Budd: "It certainly does, its not big and its not clever.

  • Student gets out can of coke and drinks.

Budd: oh no u di-int!

Homework Club

One time, while covering a homework club featuring mostly Year 9 IT students, they decided to have fun by getting Mr. Budd to continually say what he teaches:-

  • Student:- "Sir?"

Budd:- "Yes?"

Student:- "What do you teach?"

Budd:- "Law."

Student 2:- "I thought it was economics."

Student 3:- "No, it's Physics."

Budd:- "It's Law!"

Student 4:- "What's Law, sir?"

Budd :- "It's like..."

Student 3:- "Is it fun?"

Student 2:- "No, it's boring."

Student 1:- "Yeah, thats why he teaches it, he's boring."

Budd:- "Get on with your work."

(5 mins later, the whole thing happens again)