Mr Ainsworth

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Mr Ainsworth, although new to the BRGS staff, has already begun to leave his mark. Though he has only been at BRGS since September, his students have already begun to amass a rather interesting collection of his past escapades. Including the following facts:

  • He owns a farm and has already ran over three animals (a chicken apparantely survived after being run over twice)
  • Makes erm... walls on his farm and has dropped stones on his hands, the reason for his lack of fingernails and countless plasters
  • Should offically be dead
  • He has a fake leg [It got 'eaten up' by flesh-eating parasites]
  • He enjoys blowing things up...Muchly...we mean a lot.
  • He once blew up a House.
  • He holds degrees in both physics and engineering.
  • He has a rather pronounced moustache on his forehead.
  • He wears elastic "trousers" that strongly resemble tracksuit bottoms.
  • He has extremly bad dandruff"
  • He has dandruff and he's bald :S
  • His fingers always have plasters


  • 'I'm not drunk...I have a wooden leg.'
  • 'Your booklet appears to be very creased. I suggest you iron it.'